space space [speɪs] noun
1. [uncountable] the area or amount of room in a newspaper, magazine etc that is used for a particular subject
ˈadvertising ˌspace [uncountable] MARKETING
somewhere that advertising is placed or shown:

• He hopes to make money by selling advertising space on the Web pages.

ˈprint space [uncountable] MARKETING
the amount of space on paper an advertiser pays for when their advertisements appear in a newspaper, magazine etc:

• Most studios use big ad agencies to buy TV time or print space.

2. [countable, uncountable] PROPERTY land or an area of land that has not been built upon:

• It has an attractive town centre with lots of open spaces.

ˈincubator ˌspace [countable]
PROPERTY a cheap space for new businesses to rent. This space is usually near services that help a business to operate, for example food, computer, and safety services:

• Our start-up company was lucky to find an incubator space during its first year of business.

— see also shelf space

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space UK US /speɪs/ noun [C or U]
an empty area that is available to be used: »

There is greater demand for downtown office space.

MARKETING a section of a newspaper, magazine, or website that is sold to companies who want to advertise: »

The company buys advertising space for international clients.

(also open space) PROPERTY land, especially in a town, that has no buildings on it: »

Development was planned for the open space outside town.

See also ADVERTISING SPACE(Cf. ↑advertising space), INCUBATOR SPACE(Cf. ↑incubator space), OFFICE SPACE(Cf. ↑office space), PRINT SPACE(Cf. ↑print space), SHELF SPACE(Cf. ↑shelf space)

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